Web conferencing

Make ideas clear

  • Demonstrating programs live
  • Worldwide use
  • Server location Germany

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Online customer area

Attract the attention of your audience - without any hardware or software: Internet access is enough. In your secure customer area you can book your web conference around the clock.

Worldwide access

Support your web conference with a dial-in conference: worldwide access numbers for example in D, A, CH, USA, GB, I, F, and many other countries are available.


We guarantee the highest security of your data! Our servers are based in Germany and transmit your data encrypted. Also every conference room is password protected.

Any number of users

Several employees should flexibly manage their web conferences themselves? No problem: in your online customer area you can create several conference rooms as well as sub-accounts. Via these sub-accounts, the employees can then plan and evaluate conferences / presentations completely independently - without seeing the conference planning of the other areas. Control and billing are done via your main account.


Design ideas with your participants: develop graphic elements or work on existing files - there´s no limit to your ideas!


 In your customer areas your recordings are avilable for 10 days. Or use your detailed protocols for post-processing your web conference.

This is how a web conference works

Additional features during your web conference


  • Live-Chat with your participants.
  • Videoconferencing, up to 8 participants can show their webcam.
  • Lock the conference room for new participants.
  • Overview of important conference details (e.g. participants).
  • Parallel work on files, upload files and work on them together.
  • Download of hosted files is possible.

All visual conference types compared

Web presentation

Easy and illustrative


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Suitable for:

  • To show a presentation (PDF and PowerPoint) with colleagues, business partners, webinar participants



  • Easy to use – pure presentation tool
  • No download or execution of files necessary, a web browser is sufficient
  • Suitable for presenting PDF and PowerPoint files


Note when planning:

  • Only possible to show a presentation
  • No screen sharing or files exchange possible


Web conferencing

Depict your information


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Suitable for:

  • individual exchange with business partners / colleagues
  • active exchange with all participants



  • Many possibilities beyond pure presentation
  • Screen sharing / individual applications
  • If necesary, access to participants' screen
  • Teamwork on whiteboard (e.g. Mindmaps)
  • Files, Chat, Video upload and download


Note when planning:

  • Not automatic log in (with webinar is possible)
  • Download and exe-file execution required


prepare, perform, control


Compare directly


Suitable for:

  • classic Webinars (Online seminars). Automatic registration process, inclluding sending the log in information by email



  • Simple registration process (including registration page and sending of access information)
  • Simple operation (traditionally with a presentation)
  • Expansion options as with the web conference possible (e.g. screen sharing)
  • Integration of your own company logo, speaker picture, etc. on the login page


Note when planning:

  • No "anytime conference" possible. The webinar musst have a fixed date

Pricing model

  • Flexible billing based on conference minutes
  • Tariff without monthly minimum purchases
  • No fixed costs
  • Support and help included






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