Train successfully - via webinar

Trainings, product presentations, seminars - you can do it all yourself: without room rent, without arrival, without personnel overhead. You only need a computer. You can create your webinar with just a few clicks: registration form, participant list and all webinar features are available directly online.


Professional and simple: without previous technical knowledge, without installations and without fixed costs - so you stay flexible.

Your advantages

  • Easy to use
  • No fixed costs, no investments
  • Complete registration process integrated
  • Worldwide access
  • Encrypted data transmissions
  • Many featuers

Your Design - your texts

Regardless of your individual content, which you can freely arrange in the webinar, you have the option of uploading your own company logo and a picture of your speaker for registration. Also welcome text and music on hold can be set individually.

Easy registration

The registration form for the registration of the participants can be created online with just a few clicks - via this the participants can register themselves online. You can use the login link exactly as it fits your webinar: send it by e-mail, link it to your website or share it on social networks. Online, you can see at any time, who has already registered - and if necessary exclude individual participants.


We guarantee the highest security of your data: our servers are based in Germany and meet the highest security standards. The transmisson of your data is encrypted. Also every conference room is password protected.

Many possibilities

In your webinar you have many options: You can view presentations, interact with your participants via chat or whiteboard, transmit video images or even share your own screen. Participants receive your explanations of the presented data directly via audio streaming online: So they do not need a telephone, but only an audio output of the respective device (PC, smartphone, tablet), through which they particpate in the webinar.

Conference call

The transmisson of your spoken explanation is done by default via audio streaming, so all particpants listen to you via web browser. Alternatively, you can enable participants to interact: with a parallel started conference call, you give participants the opportunity to speak up and deliver messages.


After the webinar, you can view the particpant list with all particpants who participated in the webinar and the respective participation time. You can use this feature to issue certificates. In addition, your recordings will be available for 10 days, as long as you have recorded them during the webinar.

All visual conference types compared

Web presentation

Easy and illustrative


Compare directly


Suitable for:

  • To show a presentation (PDF and PowerPoint) with colleagues, business partners, webinar participants



  • Easy to use – pure presentation tool
  • No download or execution of files necessary, a web browser is sufficient
  • Suitable for presenting PDF and PowerPoint files


Note when planning:

  • Only possible to show a presentation
  • No screen sharing or files exchange possible


Web conferencing

Depict your information


Compare directly


Suitable for:

  • individual exchange with business partners / colleagues
  • active exchange with all participants



  • Many possibilities beyond pure presentation
  • Screen sharing / individual applications
  • If necesary, access to participants' screen
  • Teamwork on whiteboard (e.g. Mindmaps)
  • Files, Chat, Video upload and download


Note when planning:

  • Not automatic log in (with webinar is possible)
  • Download and exe-file execution required


We guarantee the highest security of your data! Our servers are based in Germany and transmit your data encrypted. Also every conference room is password protected.

Pricing model

  • Flexible billing based on conference minutes
  • Tariff without monthly minimum purchases
  • No fixed costs
  • Support and help included




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