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How does a webinar work?


For your webinar you need a PC, a laptop or a tablet with an internet connection. You start the webinar on your normal internet browser.


After registering in the protected customer area, you can present a prepared presentation (PDF or PowerPoint) here as usual. You then dial in by phone so that your participants can follow you acoustically - directly on the browser or by phone.


At the agreed webinar date, all participants join by clicking (on the invitation e-mail received beforehand). Once all of the webinar attendees are hooked, you're ready to begin. Various control functions and additional functions (e.g. list of participants) are available to the moderator on his customer area.

Which (technical) requirements must a webinar meet?


To use from the PC (desktop client):

  • Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2008, Server 2012, Mac OS X 10.7 and higher
  • Hardware requirements: Internet access (also via proxy) and the requirements specified by the operating system used


For the use from mobile devices (web client):

Use browsers that support HTML-5. We recommend:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and higher
  • Firefox 30 and higher
  • Google Chrome 40 and higher
  • Safari 6 and higher
  • Opera 16 and higher

What is the maximum number of participants allowed?


The number of participants in a webinar is not limited. If there are more than 100 participants, we ask you to announce the webinar date in advance to be on the safe side. If you use the video mode to fade in both yourself and the participants, the number is limited to a total of 8.


If you would like to set a maximum number of participants for your conference call yourself, you can do this when booking the conference room - once the maximum number of participants you have defined has been reached, no further participants will be admitted to the conference.

What is the difference between a webinar, a web conference and a web presentation?


In the case of a webinar, the system automatically creates a registration form based on your details. The participants can register themselves here  or you can use this to manage the participants yourself.


Regardless of this, all functions are then available to you. Either a web presentation (presentation only) or a web conference (with all options):


With pure web presentation, you can show the participants easily and simply presentations in the form of a Power Point presentation or a PDF document. Participation takes place very easily via the participant's browser and without any download.


With a web conference you have a large number of functions to choose from: You can share your own screen with the participants and also show them programs that only run on your computer; You can exchange documents, share a whiteboard and hold a video conference with up to 8 participants. In order to participate in a web conference, the participants have to download and execute a separate module with a click. Installation is not necessary.

Can I set up multiple webinars in one account?


Yes, you can create as many webinars as you want in your account for free. However, only one person can be logged into the customer area at a time and conduct a webinar.


If several employees should access it at the same time, you can create additional users via your main user. Each employee has their own login and can manage their webinars themselves. The billing of all webinars then runs centrally via a customer number.

How can i invite my participants to the webinar?


Publish the created online registration form on your website, your social media or send the invitation link via email. After registration, each participant will automatically receive a confirmation email from the system with a link to the webinar.


Alternatively, you can also enter your participants yourself on your customer area. After successful registration, the participants will also receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the webinar.

In which language is the webinar avaliable?


The conference website is based automatically on the language of the browser: German and English are available. If a different language (e.g. Spanish) is set in the browser, English is automatically used.

Can several employees simultaneously conduct several webinars separately from one another?


No. You can create several conference rooms in your account, but since the webinar runs through your online customer area, only one person can log in at a time. If a second employee logs in, he receives a message that another person is already logged on.


If he logs in despite this warning, the person logged in first is automatically logged out. If you need several employees to present a webinar in parallel, you can create additional users on your main user.

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